Antibacterial Spray Made in USA Says ‘Good Health’

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer makes a thoughtful and caring promotional gift, especially when flu season is in full swing. Imprinted sanitizing sprays are a pleasant reminder that we are all responsible for keeping germs at bay. Anti-bacterial sprays without the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, may not be worth the effort.

The FDA has determined that, in order for anti-bacterial sanitizers to be effective, they must contain at least 60-95 percent alcohol. Many foreign-made products do not contain enough alcohol to kill the germs that cause colds, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses. Chinese hand sanitizers, in particular, will often fail to meet FDA standards. On the other hand, US-made hand sanitizers must be FDA approved before going to market.These days, germs are nothing to sneeze at. Highly contagious and dangerous strains of influenza can travel quickly from country to country, and from person to person. Remember swine flu and bird flu? Modern germ warfare makes it essential to use only hand sanitizers that contain the FDA-approved alcohol formula.Hand sanitizer as a promo item works well in any public situation. The simple preventive measure of sanitizing the hands can preserve millions of productive work hours from loss due to illness. In fact, according to a Harvard Medical report, the use of alcohol based, FDA-approved hand sanitizer can reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal illness by as much as 59 percent.

Anti-bacterial hand sprays made in the US bear the stamp of FDA approval. When used on an imprinted promotional item, the FDA stamp becomes an expression of good health from a company that cares. For more ideas on marketing with health and wellness, contact the specialists at Clayton Kendall Promotional Marketing.