Company FAQ's


Is Clayton Kendall a woman-owned business?
Yes. Regina Broudy is the president and chair of the board. She is a member of the National Association of Women Business owners and is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).
Where is Clayton Kendall located?
We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. We have distribution centers in Pennsylvania and California.
Does Clayton Kendall receive the most competitive pricing from the industry?
We receive the best pricing from the majority of suppliers. Our industry spend and our exposure from our website allows us to gain significant pricing advantages as well as lower minimum quantities and reduced setup charges.
What drives Clayton Kendall's success and growth?
Collaboration. Customer input is extremely important to us. We are in communication with our customers on a regular basis, gathering information on the best product mix, as well as the functionality and experience of our online stores. Many of our best ideas and program capabilities have come from customer input.
Does Clayton Kendall ship into Canada?
Yes. The majority of our Canadian shipments originate from Canada. We have tax IDs set up in every province and transact business in the Canadian dollar (CAD).
Does Clayton Kendall ship Internationally and do you accept currencies, other than the U.S. dollar (USD)?
Yes. We ship products all over the world. An online store can be set up to process orders in any currency, and we can accommodate shipments to any specified country or countries.
Does Clayton Kendall mark up shipping cost?
No. We do not mark up shipping costs.
Does Clayton Kendall provide fulfillment to multiple locations?
Yes. We regularly drop ship to multiple locations for different projects product launches, Point-of-Purchase (POP) signage kit rollouts, etc.
Can Clayton Kendall source large product orders overseas?
Yes. Depending on the scope of the project, budget, and timeframe, we do source products from overseas.
Can Clayton Kendall provide rush service for product orders that need to be produced extremely quickly?
Yes. We have a division of our company, rushIMPRINT (, dedicated to 24-hour turnaround for customized, on-demand products. We also have a Canadian rushIMPRINT division ( to fulfill rush orders in Canada. rushIMPRINT is the fastest producer of logoed promotional merchandise in the industry.
Do all companies that partner with Clayton Kendall have a customized online store developed to organize their branded merchandise?
No. Some companies that purchase a very small volume of products do not require or need an online store. We work with each company to determine the best solution.
Does Clayton Kendall develop the customized online stores in-house, or is the development/programming outsourced to another vendor?
Our talented and knowledgeable team of web designers develop all online stores in-house using advanced technology. Each online store is customized to meet the specific needs of the client.
How does Clayton Kendall determine the merchandising mix for each company's program/online store?
Our in-house merchandising team uses historical data provided by our customers (when available) and knows what's new in the industry. Their expertise includes working with top domestic and international suppliers. The team also collaborates with customers to improve the merchandising mix on a regular basis.
What type of management reports are available when a company has an online store developed?
We can customize reports to measure any specific data that the customer requires. Some examples include breakdowns by product, merchandise category, location, department, cost center, gift card redemption, remaining gift card balance, and more.
Does Clayton Kendall have dedicated customer service representatives for each account?
Yes. Any customer that develops a program that includes an online store is assigned a dedicated Clayton Kendall customer service representative.