Must-Have Promotional Products Clients Will Use Daily

Essential Promotional Products That Ensure Daily Client Engagement and Brand Visibility

At every trade show, race or conference, everyone snags those freebies—pens, stress balls—emblazoned with logos. With savvy selections, your corporate branded merchandise can do so much more than clutter desks or sit in closets. They’re your ticket to lasting brand recall and. Here are some of tips to create valuable promotional products that stand out from the crowd.

Advantages of Promotional Products

Half of people use promo products daily which opens up a huge opportunity for you to be visible in your customers’ lives. Marketers will tell you, the more you can get your brand in front of consumers, the more likely they are to become customers. By establishing a robust branded merchandise program you gain efficiency on the production of promo items with your logo. These items act as a constant reminder of your brand to the people who use them; they also impact others nearby.

Regifting is also common with promotional products. While these are all reasons to integrate promotional marketing items into your strategy, it is key to create items that are practical and valued to ensure your brand stays in front of them.

Think Like Your Customers

Two ways to create valued promotional products is to consider your customers’ demographics and weigh the event where you will be distributing them.
• If your customers typically work in an office, they may value a branded pen and a notebook.
• Students visiting a career fair may be interested in clever customized accessories for their technology.
• Runners after a 5k might enjoy a personalized water bottle or pair of headphones with your company logo.

By thinking about who your typical consumers are as well as the events they will be attending, you ensure that the promotional items you create are used regularly, maximizing visibility and impact.

Current Trends

These are some trends in promotional items to help inspire you and spark your creativity.

• Pickle ball items
• Yoga mats
• Water bottles
• Items that inspire healthy eating habits

• Power packs/chargers: Type C, Fast Charge, and multi-function and charges simultaneously
• Phone wallets
• Earbuds
• Wireless speakers

Items that stand out
• Backpacks that replace briefcases
• Weekender travel bag with drop bottom
• Bold patterns on T-shirts
• Drinkware with funny designs
• Eco friendly items

Everybody loves free stuff, especially when they are useful and standout! Take advantage of this by promoting your brand on everyday items that people will actually use.

Now that you are ready to update your promotional items, contact us to start your branded merchandise program and unlock the advantages of a centralized marketing supply chain. This program will bring the benefits of the economies of scale, efficiency and resources and brand compliance, to mention only a few.