Customers Tell Us Company Branded Merchandise Services Are Our Special Sauce

As part of our corporate branded merchandise services, our staff will eagerly and thoughtfully help you source, create, print, store, and ship your company branded merchandise and marketing materials. These value-added support services save you and your community time and money, encouraging greater participation.

Graphic Design

Our talented, in-house graphic designers work diligently to customize advertising materials and ensure your logo looks impeccable. They also support your marketing team with company branded products services, in bringing fresh ideas to life.


From nearly one million unique and completely customizable promotional products, top-shelf apparel, and printed materials, our merchandising experts offer company branded merchandise services to find the exact items that will best fit your promotional plan and budget. We also provide:

  • Business cards
  • Business forms and manuals
  • Client Gifts
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Signage/POP displays
  • Startup kits
  • Tradeshow giveaways
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicle wraps


Global Sourcing and Supply Chain

We partner with thousands of vendors all over the world. All vendors are required to comply with the highest industry safety standards, including submitting lab tests to ensure proof of compliance. We also perform audits on our suppliers as well. At Clayton Kendall, we only work with vendors and suppliers that are CPSIA and CCPSA compliant. All of the products we provide are bisphenol-A (BPA) free.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing your inventory allows you to take advantage of cost-efficient bulk ordering. You can then have your custom merchandise expedited to arrive at your locations as needed. Still want to order items on demand? No problem. We can do that too. See our online marketing fulfillment services.


We produce customized kits for distribution to all of your locations and utilize cost-effective staging and shipping solutions to save you money. Our corporate branded merchandise services include product selection, sourcing, and production, as well as customized packaging.

Partner Coordination

At Clayton Kendall, we work with supplier partners to coordinate fulfillment and distribution. We also collaborate with your ad agency, design firm, or internal graphic design team to unify your brand management.

Ancillary Services

In addition, we offer ancillary services to our clients. These company branded merchandise services include:

  • Installation of window clings and signage
  • Barcoding and serial # tracking
  • Gift codes
  • Tradeshow support
  • Stock photography
  • Development and management of store profile databases

Customer Service

As part of our corporate branded merchandise services, you are assigned a dedicated team of branded merchandise experts who are familiar with your account to advise you and provide excellent customer service.