Personalizing Print to Increase Sales

Personalizing Print to Increase Sales

How brands speak to audiences has slowly shifted over time, but print advertising is still one of the top marketing strategies that businesses use to reach customers and new leads. Companies once advertised to the masses, hoping to gain a few interested prospects in the process. As data improved, brands began segmenting audiences and targeting print marketing campaigns for each demographic.

Now many consumers prefer one-on-one conversations with companies. It may seem impossible to talk directly to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of individuals. But luckily, a little personalization of your print marketing materials can go a long way! Add an extra touch to your direct mail campaigns to show your customers you care.

Track Your Sales Patterns and Top Customers

Take notice of loyal customers who buy your products more frequently than the average Joe. Reward them! Use a direct mail marketing strategy, and send your customers a surprise coupon or special offer in the mail to make them feel appreciated. They’ll rave about your company for weeks on end.

Similarly, if you notice a particular product that everyone seems to love, take advantage! With direct mail advertising, you can send out many special offers, and customers will feel excited to receive a coupon for their favorite item. Discounting or providing a special deal for a well-loved product makes the print advertising offer feel more special, even if it’s sent to mass audiences. These small tokens of appreciation go a long way and can keep customers coming back.

Go the Extra Distance

Include a short note of appreciation in your next direct mail marketing campaign to show your customer base that you really value their business. Most companies opt for a generic typed-up memo inside their direct mail pieces instead. By adding your own personal touch, you’ll set yourself apart with a sincere, memorable message. However, because handwriting hundreds of notes can be time-consuming, this direct mail advertising strategy is best reserved for extremely loyal customers or new business prospects.

Address Your Customers by Name

During busy weeks, finding time to write out several notes seems impossible. Luckily, you can still use personalized print marketing tactics to ensure that customers don’t become a group of nameless faces to your business. Of course, avoid addressing envelopes with the generic “Resident.” Recipients are more likely to read mail that’s addressed to them directly, so always include first and last names on the personalized direct mail piece itself.

Also, aim to include visual images on the print marketing collateral that reflect what you know about the customer. If you know they like products used at the beach, weave images of beach vacations onto the print collateral. New variable printing technology makes this personalization affordable and straightforward.

Next time you’re gearing up to send out a new direct mail piece, think about personalization. Show customers you care by adding small details to your print advertising that’ll make them feel more connected to your business.