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Fresh Marketing Collateral Matters

Fresh Marketing Collateral Matters

Why Fresh Marketing Collateral Matters For Your Company

A s we head into the New Year, you’re probably contemplating new business beginnings. Reaching potential customers, building client relationships, and promoting your brand may be major goals for 2020. But have you thought about the strategy behind catching your prospects’ eyes while advancing your brand image? Consider giving your marketing materials a facelift with updated letterheads, business cards, and direct mailers!

Fresh marketing materials can promote your company by generating leads and leaving a lasting impact on potential clients.  In fact, kicking off the New Year with new marketing materials can launch your company into the spotlight!

New Year, New Look

It’s important to reevaluate your company image regulaly to remain fresh and relevant. Even if you are not planning on completely redesigning your marketing material, creating an updated look offers a great excuse for keeping your name in the minds of clients.  Consider ordering extra stationary or letterheads to distribute during meetings for heightened brand exposure.

Marketing Materials That Drive Sales

Create Marketing Materials That Drive Sales

Try creating new collateral that inspires prospects to consider your company. A freshened logo, color scheme, or die-cut mailer will help drive sales through a unique and memorable design. Highlight the special services your company offers with cohesive branding. Remember – your collateral should look like it’s within the same family. Don’t overdo it with a variety of contrasting design elements!

Reach Out

Give Yourself a Reason to Reach Out

Use your redesigned marketing materials as a tactic for reaching out to old, current, or prospective customers in 2020. If you’re trying to influence high-end clients, consider using premium items like portable chargers or stainless-steel water bottles to convey how valuable their business is to you. As for your loyal customers, keep them coming back by sending a couple of branded notepads or new business cards that’ll show off your company and its capabilities.

Business Interactions

Re-Designed Business Interactions

Direct mailers and promotional materials reach your customers at their doorsteps, but what about your face-to-face interactions? Updating your business cards for the New Year will entice prospects – your card may even land in your dream client’s portfolio or desk. Keep your design elements to a minimum, and use high-quality paper to make interactions with potential clients memorable on both ends.

Whether it’s a new business card, letterhead, or complete overhaul, updating your materials will help launch conversations with clients!  Looking for assistance on updating your collateral?  Contact our Graphic Services’ team today for a consultation.

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